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Massage Therapy plays an important role in healing. Get same day therapeutic massage services at Larson Chiropractic Clinic without the wait.


We believe that a combination of massage and chiropractic service is the most effective way to resolve musculoskeletal pain. Massage therapy is a key component in addressing the muscles that are over stimulated from nerve irritation generated by vertebral sublaxation, which will cause muscles to become tight and spasm. This imbalance in the supporting muscles of the spine is why adjustments may be difficult to perform and many not hold as well. We find massage for those patients who need it will make it easier to adjust their spine and allow their adjustments to last longer.

Not every patient wants or needs a chiropractic adjustment and for those clients a variety of massage therapy options are available.


David is a native of Billings, Montana. He attended West High School and upon his graduation he enrolled at Eastern Montana College now MSUB where he earned a BS degree in education.

He met and married his wife of 35 years Lisa in 1982. When she decided to return to school in 1985, he supported her decision and committed to supporting her emotionally and financially as she earned her doctorate in chiropractic. They returned to Billings in 1992 where they opened a chiropractic practice. Since David and Lisa were strong believers in the benefits of combining massage therapy and chiropractic David decided to go to massage therapy school. He attended the Kinley Institute of Massage, since his return they have been able to offer their patients a complete musculoskeletal package of care.

David and Lisa have worked together in their Billings practice for over 24 years nad hope to continue that work in the coming years.

David enjoys horseback riding with his kids. He is an avid gun and history enthusiast and an ardent animal lover.